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Want to learn how to sing heavy? Sign up early and give suggestions!


Heavy Vocals is for the rebel rocker who wants to hear their voice on an album or live with a band in the near future!

We are getting our Youtube channel  started with a few sing along videos but we want o know more of what would bring you value!

Christian Lombardo, OH

“Iuri took my song Time and gave it a completely different feel. He really has his craft down. "
Spotify Artist

James Reddig, NY

"When I am editing videos for Iuri I can't believe how consistent he is in any setting. He helped me with my singing after I tried Ken Tamplin, Singing Success and other online courses!" 

Simon Ficken, NJ

“I didn't have to add pitch correction to his performance at all. That is getting rare these days. ."
Recording Engineer

Why/How does Heavy Vocals help metal fans and singers?

Heartbreaker 1:

1,000s of hours of practice is needed to learn to sing a new style. Why not learn from people who have done it without natural talent?

Heartbreaker 2:

Learning how to record and mix music is expensive and time consuming. Maybe it would be nice to know when and what you should start with from a pro and someone who just learned from said pro!

Heartbreaker 3:

Having fun and being creative is a big reason anyone gets into music but there aren't many places for heavy style music to get started or improve. Singing heavy music is something almost anyone with drive rhythm, and focus can do!.


At this point you're basically casting your singing education content. We need your voice to tell us more about what is interesting and important to you as a hard rocker!


Click by click instructions?

Which videos would you like to see and what lessons would help you most? 


Easy Singing for live or recordings?

Do you want to sing live or on recordings? Let us know so we can adjust our content!


Metal unites us!

Maybe it is all about the riffs the screams the range or the following. Respect them all and we would like to hear what got you into metal music. 

The 3 main projects on our minds:

Jump in lessons:

Songs we want to cover sung with only a few lines

Less talk more singing! Quick to the point vidoes

Open conversation. Facebook group may be a solution here


Lets talk about rockers and vocals!

Have video or keep it to audio? Would you listen?

Email updates so you don't miss us!

Singing course:

Affordable price

Talk about the risks each exercises poses and the benefits.

Have an always optimizing vocal workout suggestion PDF!


Will my suggestions be considered? Why?

Yes! Whatever you do to help us early on we value! From comments to subscriptions to emails we want our early helped to feel SATISFIED and EMPOWERED with Heavy vocals! We want to stay an organic movement so we need your help!

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